The Collection is housed on the third floor of the Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University. It is open to qualified researchers and members of the public by prior arrangement. School groups should schedule their visits well in advance by contacting Collection staff at 203-432-1837.

All inquiries, including permission to reproduce images and requests for identification or conservation, should be addressed to the Associate Curator, Agnete Wisti Lassen (  Images may be reproduced without charge for non-commercial purposes, such as scholarly research and presentation, one-time classroom use, and reproduction in a printed scholarly book or article, providing that the print run does not exceed 4000 copies. Image reproduction in books or articles with a print run of over 4000 copies, or for any other commercial purpose, is subject to a cost-recovery fee per image. In addition, one copy of any published work in which an image appears must be sent to the Collection. The credit line must read: Yale Babylonian Collection.

Exclusive publication rights can be assigned to tablets and objects for a period not to exceed five years. For tablets whose publication rights were assigned prior to 1 January 2003, the five-year period began on that date. Exceptions may be made, by arrangement, only for large groups of tablets or objects to be published as a single project.