The Collection consists of six major groups of material: the Yale Babylonian Collection (YBC), founded by A. T. Clay; the Nies Babylonian Collection (NBC), founded by J. B. Nies; the Morgan Library Collection (MLC), assembled by Clay and formerly in the Morgan Library; the Goucher College Babylonian Collection (GCBC), assembled by R. Dougherty; the Newell Collections of Babylonian Tablets (NCBT) and of Babylonian Seals (NCBS); and the Rosen Babylonian Collection (RBC), founded by J. Rosen, Esq. and formerly in the Kevorkian Collection. 

There are also several smaller collections, including those of E. A. Hoffman, formerly in the General Theological Seminary; C. H. Lager; and J. H. Schwartz.


Left to right: Hellenistic physiognomatic omens (MLC 1869); Graeco-Egyptian magical amulet (YBC 2492); Old Babylonian lament (YBC 7159).