Program, 2016-17

Michael Kozuh, “The people of Sumer and Akkad had become like corpses”: Nabonidus, Cyrus, and Babylonian Political Institutions in 539 BCE (September 2016)

Michael Jursa, Dead Dogs and the Lord of the Universe: Babylonians Write to the Assyrian King (September 2016)

Andrew George, Be My Baby in Babylonia: Two Incantations in the Schoyen Collection (September 2016)

Robert Middeke-Conlin, The Awkward Scribe: Errors, Mistakes, and Evidence for a Counting Device (December 2016)

Elyze Zomer, Gulkishar, Greatest Among Men: A New Akkadian Royal Epic (February 2017)

Caroline Waerzeggers, The Post-Exilic Jewish Archive from Babylonia (April 2017)

Odette Boivin, The First Sealand Dynasty in Contemporary and Later Perception (April 2017)