Current Projects

Interactions between Man and the Environment in Mesopotamia

The Yale Babylonian Collection is an active participant in the international project “Interactions between Man and the Environment in Mesopotamia,” under the auspices of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan.  The Collection is the first participant in the project to permit sampling of cuneiform tablets for Neutron Activation and X-Ray Diffraction Analysis, as well as Magnetic Susceptibility measurement. For preliminary publication of the results (example on left), see Scienze dell’Antichità 17 (2011) 379-426. Two final publications appeared in 2014 and 2015.



Digital Imaging Project

The Yale Babylonian Collection has partnered with the Yale Digital Collections Center (YDC2) and the Computer Science Department on an ambitious digital imaging project that will not only increase access to the tablets housed in the Collection, but will also aid in their study and provide digital preservation.  The project is currently in its pilot phase and is utilizing reflectance transformation imaging (RTI), 3D laser scanning, multi-spectral imaging (MSI) and high-resolution digital photography techniques. Left: Old Assyrian envelope (NBC 3938).


Cuneiform Commentaries Project

The Yale Babylonian Collection is a partner in the Cuneiform Commentaries Project (CCP), which aims to produce online a complete corpus of reliable editions, translations, and notes on the nearly 900 known Babylonian and Assyrian commentaries, today scattered among the world’s museums. For further information, see the project’s website at Left: Neo-Babylonian commentary (NBC 6197).



Mapping the Socio-Economic Geography of Old Assyrian Trade

The Collection is participating in a project designed to source the clay of Old Assyrian documents using X-ray fluorescence analysis. The results may shed new light on social and economic networks in Anatolia and beyond in the early second millennium B.C.E. Left: Old Assyrian account of silver (NBC 1907).